All Rental Properties MUST have a Healthy Homes report in:

 December 1 2020 



Let us take care of the paperwork so that you don't have to. Get your healthy homes assessment and know your obligations under the healthy homes act.

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The Healthy Homes standards are here, do you know your obligations as a landlord?

What you need to know

Compliance Timeframes

1st July 2020

As a landlord, you must include the current compliance level regarding the health home standard of the rental in the tenancy agreement. This includes new tenancy agreements and varied or renewed tenancy agreements.

1st July 2021

A new tenancy,within 90 days of the commencement date must comply with the healthy homes standard.

That is just enough time to book in an assessment and complete any work that may be required. 

1st July 2024

All rental properties must comply with the healthy Home Standard in New Zealand.

Complete Property - Healthy Homes Assessment

Whats is included?


Complete Property will assess the living areas in the house to confirm there is one or more fixed heaters that can directly heat the main living area to at least 18C.


The ceiling insulation will also be assessed to ensure it meets the minimum R-values for the area. The underfloor is included in this inspection as it must also meet the minimum R-Value of 1.3

Mositure and drainage

There must be adequate drainage, guttering, and downpipes. These areas will be assessed and included in the report. 

Rental properties that have an enclosed subfloor must have a ground moisture barrier.


There must be windows, skylights or doors that open to the outside in the living, dining, kitchen, and bedrooms. These must be able to be fixed in the open position and comprise at least five percent of the room's floor area. 

There must be an extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen areas that vent outside

Draught stopping

The landlord must block any unreasonable gaps and holes in the walls, ceiling, windows, floors, and doors that cause noticeable draughts. 

Open fireplaces must be blocked unless the tenant and landlord agree otherwise.

Everything you need in one easy report

Healthy Homes Compliance Report

$199 + GST

Report provides conclusions on compliance with the above standards and if found not compliant, what is needed to be fixed in order to achieve compliance.

But it doesn't have to end there

Don't have the time to get quotes, organise tradies and do the leg work to make sure your property meets the healthy home standards?

Let us do the leg work and we'll provide you quotes to undertake the required work on your behalf from our trusted list of tried and true suppliers